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UFS Explorer Professional RecoveryUFS Explorer Professional Recovery Serial Key is just a pc software that is full featured developed exclusively for data recovery specialists. An advanced interface that is multi-tool the computer software appropriate for even complicated data healing tasks. UFS Explorer Professional Recovery enables data which are thorough and full-scale data recovery. Embedded RAID-Builder mechanism allows building standard RAID configurations of any level. Moreover, ‘RAID definition language’ used by the software lets you RAID configuration makes any custom. If required, low-level tools of UFS Explorer Professional Recovery allow making changes that are permanent the information initially contained in the storage.

The software can be installed on several systems that are operating Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, and Linux. It is a course that is catch-all you can apply to various file systems and data storages. It supports search and reconstruction of lost partitions, data recovery after file system format and only data recovery of lost, damaged or accidentally deleted files.

UFS Explorer Professional Recovery recovers lost and unintentionally deleted data from an extensive variety of file systems and devices what makes it the most solution that is general address different data loss instances. Its powerful algorithms turn data recovery to a procedure that is surprisingly fast. What’s more, the scheduled program features file information analysis is able to identify the reasons for data damage by analyzing file and folder data allocation, while offering support for RAID data recovery functions. UFS Explorer Professional Recovery have noticed that the tool carries away a task very quickly and without errors through the process.

All that is entire considered, UFS Explorer Professional Recovery healing comes packed with many advanced data recovery and analysis features and would work primarily for more knowledgeable users. It will help anyone attempt to recover lost files on their hard disk drive.Furthermore, you can make use of the viewer that is hexadecimal for viewing the disk partitions and saving the image file from isolated disk partitions, perform automated searching operations for lost partitions, seek out files and folders, see data size information before starting to copy items, and test file system consistency for possible errors.

UFS Explorer Professional Recovery Key Features:

Comprehensive files recovery:

  • A set of tools incorporated in the software provides solutions for the most common data loss cases, including file system formatting. The software by either merely reading or conducting analysis that is detailed of system metadata predicts the file allocation basing on the file system specifics, other files allocations, and file content analysis to create the best possible data recovery result.

UFS Explorer Professional Recovery windowsThe help of disk images and disks that are virtual:

  • UFS Explorer Professional Recovery supports disk images and digital disks created by digital machines of the virtualization that is leading vendors. The program operates virtual disks and disk image files precisely you might say as should they were physical disks and permits accessing or recovering lost information from disk images and drives that are digital.

Reconstruction of RAID storages:

  • This application that is professional standard, nested and custom RAID designs. The pc software supports assembly of non-redundant RAID level 0 and JBOD, 1 and mirrors that are 1E levels 3 and 4 with dedicated and 5 and 6 with distributed parity. Unique syntax enables setting up custom RAID setup with various information distribution algorithms.

Immediate access to files and files:

  • The program provides access that is direct intact data on any of the supported file systems without the necessity of the previous scan. As soon it displays all attached storages with accessible file systems, and you’ll discover your data as you open the program.

Disk-on-disk recovery:

  • The computer software opens disk image files or disks being digital a file system currently exposed in UFS Explorer. With this application, it is also possible to build RAID storing VMware ESX virtual machines (VMFS file system), the open disk that is virtual from VMFS and retrieves data straight from a virtual machine without the necessity to extract virtual disk first. Disk-on-Disk software feature activates some low-level information access tools.

Full-disk encryption support:

  • The software works together full-disk encryption possibility that is providing access and data recovery files from encrypted volumes. Supported systems are Windows EFS and Linux having its device mapper encryption module (dm-crypt) and LUKS encryption method.

Comprehensive files recovery:

  • A collection of tools implemented in the software provides solutions for many data that are possible situations. Based on the condition that is the software either reads merely or conducts the step-by-step analysis of file system metadata to get lost files. Even though the metadata is lost permanently, the software can guess file allocation basing regarding the file system particulars, other files allocations, and file content analysis to produce the most readily useful data that are the feasible result.

Data consistency analysis:

  • UFS Explorer Professional healing is the solution for low-level data persistence analysis. The software allows location that is identifying the descriptor, it’s contents and mapping of file/folder fragments and navigating among them.

Recovery after file system format:

  • The application analyzes the storage space for previous file system platforms and lets you choose among different file that is possible configurations for recovery. The program can examine the storage and find all data that is likely variants to check.

Healing of complex RAID storages:

  • The program supports reconstruction that is virtual RAID system after the failure of controller or RAID metadata. The application manages virtual RAID building and reading its files and folders as if these people were RAID storage that is physical. The raid-on-raid feature allows building RAID configurations of increased complexity. Asynchronous data access technology and RAID reconstruction improve that is adaptive recovery.

Disk-on-disk recovery:

  • The pc software with Disk-on-Disk software feature opens disk image files or disks that are virtual a file system started in UFS Explorer. The applying allows users to quickly build RAID storing stores VMware ESX virtual machines (VMFS file system), the open disk that is virtual from VMFS and retrieves data directly from virtual machine minus the need to draw out virtual disk first.

Full-disk decryption:

  • The software can decrypt disk volumes for data recovery and for data access purposes (if the encryption key is known). Among supported systems are Windows EFS and Linux along with its unit mapper encryption module (dm-crypt) and LUKS encryption method and may be appropriately used with encrypted storages (including NAS storages).

What’s New?

  • This update adds support of file compression on Btrfs file system to UFS Explorer software. UFS Explorer Professional Recovery and Standard Access also get read support for the new VMFS6 file system (available since VMware ESX version 6).
  • Scan procedures for both Btrfs and VMFS6 remain only available in variation 6 (Recovery Explorer) software.

UFS Explorer Professional Recovery 5.24.2 Serial Key Here is [LATEST]

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