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HttpMaster ProHttpMaster is famous application. It is a functional program for developing and testing REST web services (software architecture style for distributed systems) and API applications (application programming interface). An application can display and verify the most common REST formats; XML, JSON and HTML, and also supports powerful dynamic parameters, validation of queries and many other properties. All of these basic functions, along with many other options, provide the program’s capabilities for thorough testing of web services and APIs.

HttpMaster Pro Key Features:

HttpMaster project:

  • So, When working with HttpMaster, you will most of the time manage HttpMaster project properties and properties of the request items contained inside the project. This project properties offer global options to customize internet requests that will be executed; changes to this properties affect all project request items.
  • It app project can be saved to disk as a file with ‘hmpr’ extension for later reuse. Project file is stored internally in XML format.

Broad set of http properties:

  • It project contains a lot of options which can be used to fine-tune generated http requests. This app include request encoding, global URL and query string, global http request headers, and couple of advanced properties like URL encoding and ability to completely disable execution data storing which can be useful if you want executions to be completed as fast as possible without collecting any data.

HttpMaster Pro windowsParameters:

  • Hence, in project properties you can also define parameters of different data types and different generation types. This parameters enable you to include dynamic data with the request items; this can be useful to generate multiple requests based on the parameter data or to create global reusable values.
  • It app all defined parameters can be used with request item properties, for example, with URL of the request item.

Response data validation:

  • By default thsi app validates each executed request with default system validation. Default system validation monitors returned http status codes and determines execution result according to this status code. So, you can define custom validations in project properties and then use this project validations to define custom validation logical expression for each request item. Thus, there are different types of custom validations available; majority of them perform some validation on the response body.

Request chaining:

  • This app project enables you to define chaining items of different types which can then be used in request items to include some data from the previous request with the next request. Besides, you can use these project chaining items in request item properties, for example, inside request item URL. It will dynamically insert data from the previous request in places where chaining is used. In such a way, you can create a chain of requests where each request will use some data from the previous request.

How to Crack, Register or Activate PDF Shaper:

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HttpMaster Pro 4.7.3 License Key Here is [LATEST]

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